Paula Emediato, Vice President HR, Voith Hydro Holding

Mrs. Hofmann provided expatriate consultancy and relocation service for me and my familiy during the period of two years.  "...I have found her very committed, reliable and hard working.... Her sincere and and dedicated attitude also provided strategies for my individual and professional need.  She is very competent with strong work ethics and provides professional standards and excellent service far bayond normal duties".
I have no doupt in view of her qualification, that Mrs.Hofmann will b able to provide services for international expatriates, managers and their families, and I can highly recommend her without hesitation.


Vice President Voith Hydro Shanghai

Moving with family to Germany

Mrs. Hofmann was responsible for organizing a choice of apartments for us. The tour was organized in an efficient and highly impressive way.

"Mrs. Hofmann conducted a "Welcoem to Germany "training, we were highly impressed and motivated…

"…further she helped us tosettle down faster, establish a new life in Germany and find a strategy to minimize the challenges ahead. Mrs. Hofmann is committed, sincere and dedicated to her work.   She put a lot of time and effort in planning and implementing the tasks involved.    We also found her honest, hardworking and responsible in completing her duties.
I can highly recommend her for any similar project.

Hou Weirong
Vice President Voith Hydro Shanghai LTD.


It is with great honour and enthusiasm that I write you to recommend Ines Hofmann. Ines helped me out during my moving to Germany and made a new start possible, giving me the individual support I needed in relocation, consulting and coaching. Ines has always demonstrated enormous interest for acquiring knowledge in various fields. She has unusual skills and incredible reasoning, which allows her developing good in-depth work. Further, it is important to mention that she has always shown a mature vision of the world and of human nature, which makes her such an excellent professional. I am more than confident to share with you my opinion that her work will contribute greatly to any institution’s or company’s projects, through professional support to its international employees, such as those fostered by her so far.

Patricia Keller Mendonca, lawyer, Brasilia / Heidelberg.


Vice President Emad Zoghi, Voith Turbo

And I have taken part in the intercultural training "Welcome to Germany"  by Mrs. Ines Hofmann.

I have been working with a German company since 2002 before I come to Germany for living. and I always thought that I know the German culture very well, but as I started to work in position in Germany I found that I'm facing big differences that I can not handle it any more, and it was a start of very hard situation regarding daily work and emotional issues.

At the beginning I thought, may be, it is not some thing new for me in this course but just after beginning the course, I found so many useful materials in the class regarding cultural differences and how small issues could lead to big misunderstandings between a person and other people.

Without this curse I would have had so many problems regarding personal relation with other colleagues in the office, just because of cultural misunderstanding.

I recommend this curse to every body from every country or culture who wants to live in Germany (even living for two three months) and also for German people who want to have business with other countries.


The contents of  information of your Seminar were  exact and important, then they gave me support to understand better the German culture. I was really satisfied, because I could assimilate information which are a part of my daily life, that makes me quite and sure to execute them.

Thank you for your help.


Ines Hofmann offers intercultural competence training at the University of Aalen for bachelor students going abroad. They learn how to deal with culture shock and benefit from Mrs. Hofmann's vivid experiences from China and Brazil.

Prof. Dr. Strehl (HTW Aalen)


Hallo Ines,

vielen Dank für Deinen Vortrag in Bezug auf die Vorbereitung für unser Auslands-Praxissemester.

Dein Seminar, bezogen auf die interkulturelle Kompetenz, vor allem aber auch auf den Kulturschock waren sehr interessant und sehr hilfreich für mich bzw. uns Studenten. Du hast uns einen sehr guten Einblick gegeben, worauf wir achten sollen und mit welchen Problemen man im Ausland konfrontiert wird. Vor allem aber auch deine Praxisbeispiele und deine persönlichen Erfahrungen die Du uns mitgeteilt hast, helfen uns sehr uns auf unser Auslandssemester vorzubereiten.

Ich möchte mich noch einmal herzlichst für das interessante und sehr hilfreiche Seminar von Dir bedanken!

Liebste Grüße,

Joyce Vu

(Studentin der Hochschule Aalen - Internationale Betriebswirtschaftslehre)


Bom dia Ines,

A nossa adaptação na Alemanha está excelente. Você é uma grande profissional.

Um grande abraço.

Familia de Souza


Mais uma vez Ines, agradeco o seu empenho e carinho para conosco. Eu tenho uma grande admiraco por você.

(Brasilianischer Ingenieur aus Sao Paulo)


Thanks again for arranging such a good course for us - you made it look so easy to get people from many cultures together in open discussion.

Best regards

(Internationaler Manager)


Hello Ines,

thanks for these precious informations. I wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed this "Welcome to Germany" seminar. You did an excellent work. Keep up the good work.

Best regards

(Internationaler Ingenieur)


The Intercultural Seminar presented by Mrs Hofmann was very important for me, it helped me to realize the differences between the German culture from mine and how to deal with the cultural shock caused by these differences. The seminar hadn't made me act like the Germans, the results from it are much better; it showed me how the Germans are in most aspects of life, how they act at work, at the streets, with friends etc, the German way of life! And knowing this is the tool that helps me adapt, with my own culture and beliefs, in a society so unique and so interesting as the German.

Best regards

Ana Carolina de Andrade Rufato

Voith Paper GmbH & Co. KG


Luiz Secco,Manager HYSAP Voith Hydro

To whom it may conern,
Ines Hofmann is a professional with three important qualifications:

  • being graduated in psychology
  • having the practical experience of living in different cultural environments
  • having the sensibility to observe and understand how the objects of her theoretical and practical experiences can affect the human being

Having lived in Brazil for 6 years, in close contact to people from all social levels - from the humble people to the university and enterprise environmentes - Ines Hofmann mande clear to me that she deeply understands the differences between German and Brazil cultures, as well as how the exposure to these different cultures may effect human and social relations.

Ines Hofmann played a major role during the adaption phase of my family in Germany, especially on those moments when "doing everything one could do" would just not be enough.


Frau Hofmann,

How are you? I will go back to China at the end of this month. I want say thank you before I go.

I arrived in Germany on the first of March. This was my first in Germany and I felt everything was different from China. When I thought I would live in this totally different environment, I felt interesting but also nervous.

Luckily, I and my Chinese colleagues had a seminar from you, which help us a lot on life and job. You taught us table manners, give us much useful information, and we talked about the different culture between Germany and China. And you give us many suggestion, such as how to communicate with German colleagues, how to spend time in the weekend. All these things help me in this half year, and I think it will still help me when I back to China, as I will continue work with my German colleagues.

Thank you very much!

Best regards

(Internationaler Ingenieur)